As promised, I have attached some photos of our puppy  Dotty the Cavapoo of which we collected from you on the  6th February. She has settled in well and is one of the family! And yourself and your daughter were right, she is a  character and does love her food! She will be starting puppy  pre-school next week which is once a week puppy socialising and training that myself and my sister are going to take her  to attend!   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for  breeding such a happy and healthy puppy, and for making  the transaction so easy and straight-forward! Dotty was  already micro-chipped and undergone all her vaccinations  when we collected her, came with information and tips for  caring for her and we were supplied with a sample of the  food she had been eating. The most re-assuring aspect as a buyer was that you offer a 72 Health Check contract, which reflects how you are responsible and caring breeders. I will definitely and genuinely  recommend you as a breeder to family and friends looking for a puppy.   Dotty Megan Farr © Gwynmardene Kennels 2011 For more information or to place an order please telephone 01994 448333 or e-mail LATEST UPDATE 16th December 2015 UPDATED... This is a short history of one of your dogs, and in a  way to thank you for breeding him and all the  happiness that  he brought. My mother bought him  when he was about  3 mnths old from a 3rd party to  replace another dog that had to put to sleep for my  dad, but due to various  reasons they could not look  after him, so he came to  live with us and settled in  along with cat.    He had a very expressive face which seemed to smile   when happy and at the same time show interest, he  also  liked to sniff and  follow a scent track.  It was after a  holiday again in Cornwall in 2010 that  he started to  have health problems, but we managed to  keep him  going on medication so that he had still a  fairly active  life. But sadly it was not last and on 26-3-2012 at the  age 14 3/4yrs. we had no option but to  have  Gwynmardene Care Free (or Charlie as he was  known  to everyone who knew him) put to sleep.   I know that 5  months is a long time to pass but he was  and still is  very much missed by all of us, So once  again thank you  for breeding him for us to enjoy  Charlie (Gwynmardene Care Free) Mr. D. Coombs Customer Testimonials  Jess (Gwynmardene Mascara) Mrs. D. Smith - Llanelli I purchased a Black Cocker Spaniel puppy from you  in  early 1999 her Kennel Club name was  Gwynmardene  Mascara we named her Jess. She passed away on  Monday, I would just like to thank  you for letting us  have a dog which filled our lives  with so much fun and  happiness she was a perfect dog  in all ways we had no  health problems with her and  she was as fit as an old  dog as she was when she was a puppy. She developed a lump on her gums and when we took   her to the vet they diagnosed cancer which had already   spread to her organs so we had to put her to sleep, it  all  happened so quickly.  I have had many dogs but Jess was so much part of the  family she was more like a human being than a dog  and  we are totally devastated and missing her we did  not  realise how much our life revolved around Jess  were we  went she went. Once again many thanks for letting us  have Jess.  Lottie Jane & Jenny  We are the two women who had Tinkerbell, which  we  renamed Lottie in Feb.  She was born 27th Nov  2011.  We had phoned to ask for some help with her  manic  eating etc.  Just to let you know all has settled down  completely, she  is a very intelligent, loving,  gentle  dog who everyone  adores.  She has been totally  accepted by my black  cocker and the pointer, and  plays with the two 16 year  old Burmese cats!  We have just come back from a lovely walking  holiday  in North Devon with them, and the  following week a  birthday in Cumbria where she  jumped up to her nose in  a bog!!!  I’ve attached a  couple of pictures of her for you to see how  beautifully she is developing.  She is now on  the red  canin food.  Thank you so much for letting us have her, she is  very  naughty and very loved.   Cassie Julia & Mark Edwards Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know   that we had to have our beautiful Cassie put to sleep  a  few weeks ago just before her seventh birthday.   She started to limp and within hours was paralysed  and  incontinent, she had ruptured a disc in her back  and  there was nothing that could be done to help her.  We  wanted to thank you for breeding such a  wonderful little  dog. We had her optigen tested and  antagene fn tested  and she came back clear on both  counts. She was a  wonderful Mum and produced  some beautiful pups.   We now have 4th generation of her pups here, so she   lives on in those. Our house is not the same without  her  and we miss her dreadfully.  Cassie had a lovely life, she was spoilt rotten, slept   everynight in bed with our daughter, came on every   break and holiday with us and was very much part of   our family. I’ve attached a photo of her for you to see  taken the  day before we lost her. Thank you for  breeding our  lovely girl.   Leo Laura & George Its Laura and George here. Just thought we would    email you to let you know that Leo has settled in  very well. He is a very excited and cheeky little  pup but likes to have lots of cuddles in the  evening!    We are very impressed with how much he has    progressed already.. He is starting to respond when    we ask him to sit and now loves to spend time in  his   crate and will quite happily go in and out  without us   putting him in.   He also loves a game if fetch and will   always  bring the bone/ball back :)  We took him for his  vets appointment today and the vet was very  impressed. He was very well behaved and  everything was absolutely fine.   We have also signed him up for his first puppy  party. Thank you very much for all your help and  we'll keep in contact with his progress!     Cleo Louise Morris Just a quick email to say many thanks for our   fabulous  puppy that we recently had from you. Our champagne  and white shih tzu Cleo has settled in well and absolutely  adored by all that meet her.   She is fantastic and following your excellent advice,  toilet training is going well. She has had her vaccinations  and vet check as instructed and had a clean bill of health.  I have attached a picture for you and will keep you up  dated on her progress. Thank you so much for the excellent service we had  from you and hope to return to you soon for a companion for Cleo  Harvey Pam & John Owens Just to say that Harvey has had his last  vaccination and a clean bill of health from  Market Hall Vets.  We'd like to thank you and  Angharad so much for your time, patience and  sound advice.    He has settled in really well with our two  cavaliers, they are quite a team now.  We love  him so much and thank you for letting us have  him!   3rd February 2015 Bore da i chi gyd,   Our new four legged son has settled easily and well into his new home following the seamless transition from the kennels.  Having had the privilege of being the proud owners of two cocker spaniels from your kennels over many years now, we had little doubt that our young man would have no difficulty in  socialising with both his fellow canines and humans and this has certainly proved to be the case.  He  walks with an air of confidence and takes an active interest in all that is going on around him.  Feeding and grooming have not presented any problems whatsoever, although we have changed his food to  James Well beloved, but you knew that we were going to do that anyway!  The silky coat that your dogs possess make grooming and drying an easy task. We even had the pleasure of returning the puppy  training pads to Pets at Home this week unused and unopened, such is the level of his confidence that even at this young age he has the ability to tell us when nature calls. He has been introduced to almost all of the vets at our local practice in an effort to gain his confidence and for him to become used to  being handled by professionals.  Each individual has commented on the excellence of his condition.   Needless to say you have made Eleanor and I extremely happy and proud owners once more of a  stunning animal.   Dymuniadau gorau i chi gyd,   Eleanor a Mike Foster    Louie Paula Ware Just thought I’d give you an update on Louie, a  cavachon that we purchased from you last  September.  Louie is such a lovely dog, very loving  and playful. He has just won two rosettes at his first  dog show  for best puppy and best dog with a junior handler. After nearly a year of searching we found the puppy of our dreams!  Jake was going to be a happy addition to our family home becoming a  healing friend for Aonghas my son (after a number of sad  circumstances). 499.6 miles from our door to yours shows the belief in  buying a quality puppy, reared and cared for in proper facilities. The  price was also right in comparison to more local adverts charging twice  what you were asking.  Jake travelled well all the way home to Central  Scotland in mid February, 10 weeks old and just the most happy puppy  to be around. He was sleeping in his dogbed all night within a week, dry  and clean within six weeks. He has crate trained successfully and  knows when Aonghas goes on the school bus and I put my uniform on  for work it is time for his crate. He is equally happy when we have days  off and he doesn't have to go in the crate!   Aonghas and Jake have become inseparable and buddy each other. As  the photos show Jake has personality! He is a very friendly, happy and  biddable puppy.  To date no serious chewing offences are on his record  apart from the bow on my daughter's shoe and paper hankies!!  Jake is  happiest when he is with us so he loves coming in the car and sits  proudly with his seat belt harness on. He enjoyed a 3 hour ferry journey  to the Isle of Coll recently and lay diligently on his blanket much to the  envy of many other stressed dog owners who were fraught trying to  keep their big dogs under control.  Thank you for our wonderful chocolate fluff ball of fun. We have no  regrets and would do the marathon journey again if we had too!  Jake Rhoda D Lawton Cassie, Lily & Marley Darren & Leanne Phipps Been looking on your website (again! ) and saw some  reviews so thought I would add, we have had 3  puppies from you, top two are Cassie (chocolate  cockapoo) she will be 6 next month, spoilt rotten, a  lovely breed, loyal, playful, brilliant temperament  although I'm sure she thinks she's a human! My fault  probably! ;)   My mother has a Cavachon, Lily, just turned 1, again  very spoilt! Lovely breed, quick to learn, loves other  animals of all varieties and especially loves children,  children seem to love to roll around on the floor with  her, which she thinks is great! Lastly my auntie has a  cream Cockapoo named Marley, who's nearly 1, she  has all the same qualities as Cassie, although she  realises she's a dog ;)   I totally recommend Gwynmardene Kennels and I have done in the past, beautiful, healthy puppies and  they are always at the end of the phone if you have any concerns. ( which I did as I'm a worrier :) thank  you for all the puppies that we have had from you and I'm sure I will be down again! ( much to Cassie’s  annoyance) ;)    Leanne and Darren   Bailey Cathy & Brian Richards Just wanted to let you know all is well with Bailey, he is  settling in really well and a real joy to all the family.  Toilet  training is coming along good now too.  I have attached some photos for you, he loves the garden which is safe and  enclosed, and the decking in the sun.  Plays a lot outside we  leave the french doors open for him whilst we can keep an  eye on him too. Thank you so much for providing us with such a fabulous dog. Diolch yn fawr Cathy and Brian Richards Jake - Rhoda Lawton Thought you would like to see an up to date  photo of Jake.   A year old today. He is a  happy puppy who is very loyal and loved by  all who meet him. Mischievous at times but  on the whole a very good boy.   Crate trained easily and has become such a  part of our family.  Thank you for breeding  such a lovely dog.     Kind regards and Happy Christmas to you all. Rhoda Lawton Ben - Rosemary We got Ben from you on the 18 March.  He  has grown into a fantastic little dog and he  passed his Puppy Foundation on the 1st  June and moved on immediately to adult dog  training class for his Bronze.   The course is an ongoing one to include all  aspects and even at such a young age he is  up for it.  He is now doing Agility and loves it. His  appetite for learning is never ending.  It  stretches my imagination keeping him  occupied. He is a loving happy companion and I  couldn't ask for better.  Thank you. Rosemary  Alfie - Sharifa & Korrie Waldie Just sending a little update on how Alfie the cockapoo born on the 28.10.14 is getting on. I  purchased him off you on the 23rd of December as a Christmas present for my daughter after  losing our 14 yr old lab the previous July!   We are totally in love!! He has turned our world upside down and inside out, he is the loveliest,  craziest, and most loving puppy that We have ever met.   He is so friendly and sociable and has a wicked/mischievous personality. He loves playing ball,   long walks and digging on  the beach.   I Would like to thank you  for the lovely welcome we  had on the 2 occasions  that we came to visit and  would definitely come to  you again.   Can't imagine our home or  lives without Alfie in it now.  Take care Sharifa, Korrie and Alfie